Our Vision

At The Intentionally Designed Life, we believe that life coaching is not an event—it's a process.

Throughout the relationship we build with you, we will encourage you to take small, measurable steps to achieve your goals.

These "little wins" will build up over time and form a habit of success. Once you're in the habit of winning, any goal—no matter how large it seems—will be easy for you to achieve.

To begin your habits of success, contact us today!

How We Work

Are you ready to further develop yourself? Do you have goals but are not sure how to get there? Do you want to grow your company, team, or organization? Contact us.

We will connect with you for a free phone consultation to determine the services that best suit what your goals are and how The Intentionally Designed Life can help you meet them. All personal coaching sessions will be held on video conference at a time to be determined together…location doesn’t matter. All  professional consultations will be tailored to the specific needs of the company on site or video conferencing.

Personal Coaching sessions are charged as individual sessions unless you purchased a bundled package of 4 or 12 sessions for a discounted rate.

Professional Coaching services are charged varying rates depending on services and the size of the organization.

In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in the following areas:
Personal growth
Everyone has goals to better themselves, to educate themselves, to grow personally. This might be through a career, through health, finding joy and peace, or feeling like you are taking charge of your life. The Intentionally Designed Life will meet you where you are, find your goals with you, find your passions, and provide you resources to thrive on your journey.
Building and developing personal and professional relationships can be a serious challenge. Perhaps, you are looking to improve your personal relationships and communication. Maybe you want to create new professional relationships and network. You might be looking for team building and development in a family, ministry, church team, even small businesses. The Intentionally Designed Life has the tools, resources, and experience to bring your relationship goals to fruition.
Event planning, small business structure, professional life, personal life, your home? These are all types of organizational services that The Intentionally Designed Life can provide for you or assist you with in order for efficiency and streamlining.
Time Management and Effectiveness
The effectiveness of your time management skills starts with recognition of where you are spending your time and where you need to be spending your time to meet goals, reach dreams, or even the time to relax. The Intentionally Designed Life meets these needs through an insightful session of questions and works with you to set priorities and flexible schedules.
Professional Consultations
In addition to personal coaching, The Intentionally Designed Life also offers these services to Small-Medium businesses, ministries, large groups or organizations.
Team Development
Using coaching and leadership tools, The Intentionally Designed Life will teach your team to maximize their potential as a team and help the team develop greater working relationships which will bring stronger communication, productivity, and efficiency. Team Development at all levels creates a workspace of understanding and growth for the team and the business/organization.
Structural Organization
At the core, the structural organization of the company is key to their success. Is your structure design the most prudent for your company? The Intentionally Designed Life will evaluate your mission and your goals to determine if you are operating with the greatest potential and opportunity and are aligned with your mission and goals. If restructure is recommended, The Intentionally Designed Life will partner with you to create the best structure for your company/organization’s success.

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